St Lucia – day 1

Waking up in St Lucia the first day was incredible, even with waking up at 5AM due to the time difference haha.  Everything still felt surreal when i opened my eyes. Once we were unpacked we got ready,  took in our views from the bedroom balcony and headed out to go and explore the resort. (Oh and we had to try on our gowns first!)

20170328_07263620170328_07273520170328_07590720170328_075913When we headed down to the beach i spotted what i knew was going to be my favourite spot to chill and read…the most perfect hammock hanging in the shallows of the sea.



As we arrived a week before the Easter holidays we were so lucky to experience Windjammer at a quiet time and really soak up the atmosphere, relax and unwind for the first couple of days. We checked out the beach bar which did an amazing selection of cocktails, i particularly loveeed the daquiris in the day to cool down on the beach. My boyfriend would ask for a suprise every time and they would always mix up something delicious for him.


Once we’d had a walk around the resort Tom decided to have a go at wakeboarding, he’s wakeboarded before but not for about 9 years so i was expecting him to fall off haha but he was really good and the watersports staff were super friendly and helpful.


After checking out all the watersports we could do went for a cocktail in Jammers which was soon to be our favourite restaurant. In the day it was great as you could sit and eat/drink in there so long as you had a cover up on and you had the option to sit inside our out on the decking on the beach. My favourite spot was on the decking and the best cocktail was the ‘nice weather’.


After a chilled day we found out it was the manager’s drinks which meant complimentary drinks, food & entertainment on the beach. As we were already on the beach and it was close to happy hour we thought we might as well get involved. The canapes were so delicious and the rum punches were flowing so we spent a couple of hours on the beach watching the sunset and the insanely talented local limbo dancers before heading back to the villa.


Once we got back to the villa the plan was to quickly get showered and then head down for dinner but the pool just looked so tempting so we had a quick dip.



St Lucia – the journey.

So I’ve recently returned from the most incredible 2 weeks at the Windjammer in St Lucia and wanted to document as many memories as possible.

Before we went I had no idea what to expect from St Lucia apart from (hopefully) lots of sun, sea and sand but I was so suprised by how much exploring we could do and how much the island had to offer.

We traveled at the end of March and flew direct from Gatwick to Castries which was super handy and the flight took us approx 8 and a half hours. Due to a long haul flight and having to be at the airport super early we decided to book into The Marriott right by the airport and i’m SO glad we did. This meant that we could travel down on the Gatwick express on the Sunday afternoon, check in our huge cases and then relax and get a good night’s sleep before our travels. A big football game happened to be on (my boyfriend is football mad) but there also was conveniently a hotel gym that we could use so i took advantage of this and got in one last work out before we flew.  The gym was basic but it was empty apart from me so i happily spent 45 mins in here.


First leg of the journey – Peterborough – Kings Cross

We flew with BA and although my case was slightly overweight they very kindly allowed me the extra couple of KG and moved our seats to allow us to sit together which we were really grateful for, especially as i’m such a bad flyer! Once settled they brought over the complimentary drinks trolley and shortly after that our food came out. I haven’t had plane food in yeaaars so was expecting the worst but i had a cheesy pesto pasta which was actually really tasty and a Lily O Briens cheesecake for pudding.


I find the best part of the flight is the movies so i watched La La Land which i’d been meaning to go and see at the pictures for ages and Hacksaw Ridge. La La Land was good but not as amazing as it had been hyped up to be but i love Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling all the same but Hacksaw Ridge was incredible and so emotional and i would deffo recommend.

I then snoozed for a couple of hours before landing in Castries where we were greeted with rain drops on our windows….so not what i was expecting. By the time we had grabbed our hand luggage and got off the plane though it had stopped and was sunny again which shows how fast rain showers come and go. We then got to immigration which was a pretty long queue but we did see Andrew Marr so that kind of made up for it! Once we were through and out the other side we found the Windjammer Kiosk where we were met by a lovely friendly lady who sorted us a taxi with a driver called Gus who took us on the 1hr and a half drive to our resort.

Although the island is only 27 miles long it takes a little while to get anywhere due to the windy and bumpy roads but we weren’t complaining as we got to take in all the sites of the locals, the city and the incredible rainforests and banana fields.  Looking back, one thing we would do on return is hire a car. Speaking to some American’s that had hired one from the airport, the cost of the transfer to and from the airport pretty much covers the hire car costs and you are then free to travel all over the island. We found that the taxi’s were one of the most expensive things out there with it costing us $40 for a 10 minute trip to the supermarket and back whereas if you hire a car you could nip all over the place no problem.

When we arrived at Windjammer we were greeted by very smiley faces from reception who offered us cocktails, juice and a cold flannel as well as my boyfriend’s Mum, brother and friend as they’d arrived a day earlier due to a mix up in flights (we were supposed to be travelling out together). As we were 5 hours ahead in UK time it was already half 9/10 so we took a shuttle up to our villa to unpack.

I literally couldn’t believe my eyes when the shuttle pulled up to our villa, it was literally unreal. The most beautiful villa overlooking the sea & mountains and an infinity pool of our own.  They’d also decorated our bed and left us gowns which was a lovely touch.



Once we’d unpacked we headed down to dinner and a few cocktails at Jammers to catch up with Tom’s family before heading back up for some well needed sleep so that we were ready for an early start to explore in the morning.